This is a first known attempt to create a classification of scale models, which we divided into two sub-classifications: by Type and by Purpose. Understanding of type and purpose of specific scale model is important as each of them has its own set of requirements as for appearance, level of detailing, durability, finish and a lifespan. Note a cross reference of product development related models such as masters and prototypes which should be recognized as both, type of scale model and purpose as well.

Classification of Scale Models By Type

Architectural Models
* exterior
* interior
* urban

Scale Replicas (including desktop models)
* vehicles
* aircraft
* maritime
* machines/devices
* architectural
* props

* museum dioramas: A. constant scale diorama B. perspective diorama
* miniatures/collectibles
* film/TV sets

Sculpted Models
* mannequins
* figurines
* action figures
* sculpted miniatures/collectibles

* fabricated
* sculpted

* pre-production prototypes; includes concept, study and appearance models
* production prototypes; fully engineered and functioning appearance models

Classification of Scale Models By Purpose

* concept
* study
* presentation
* sales
* fundraising
* museum/exhibit
* litigation
* decorative/collectible

* aerodynamic
* hydrodynamic
* other

* simulators
* sets
* identification replicas
* terrain & urban study

Product Development
* concept study
* masters
* prototypes

Movie/TV Production
* props
* sets



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